Leading Omni-channel Seller of Specialty Agriculture and Hydroponics Equipment and Supplies Adds Five Retail Locations to Hydrobuilder’s Growing Portfolio of High-Quality CEA Assets

PALM BEACH, Fla. — (BUSINESS WIRE)—July 21, 2021 — Hydrobuilder Holdings LLC
(“Hydrobuilder Holdings” or “the Company”), a leading omnichannel platform serving the
hydroponics, CEA and specialty agriculture industry, today announced that it has acquired Way
to Grow. Way to Grow, founded in 2003, is a Colorado-based retailer of aeroponic, hydroponic
and greenhouse products across five convenient locations.

“We are pleased to continue our expansion through the acquisition of Way to Grow, a high-
quality provider of thoughtfully curated products for organic and hydroponic gardeners in the
strategically important Colorado market. The addition of Way to Grow demonstrates our
commitment to the growth of our omnichannel platform and expands our reach in a new
geographic market. Way to Grow’s operating philosophy aligns well with our mission to provide
customer-centric personalized service and technical expertise coupled with products that are in
stock and priced right. We are excited to partner with Corey Inniss and his team to integrate
this best-in-class business into our omnichannel platform,” said Markus Hockenson, CEO of
Hydrobuilder Holdings.

“I am excited that Way to Grow is now among the family of companies owned and operated by
Hydrobuilder Holdings. Joining their omnichannel platform is a great strategic fit that will
benefit our company’s ability to support our customers growing needs, while improving our
career opportunities for employees. I have known the founders of GreenCoast for years and I
am thrilled to join forces with the many talented founders who have formed Hydrobuilder
Holdings as we enter this exciting next phase of rapid industry growth and transformation,” said
Corey Inniss, founder and CEO of Way to Grow.

About Hydrobuilder Holdings LLC

Hydrobuilder Holdings is the second largest omnichannel platform in the hydroponics, CEA and
specialty agriculture industry in the United States, serving the entire spectrum of customers
from hobbyists to the largest commercial growers through its online, retail and warehouse
direct channels. The Company was formed in October 2020 and has since acquired four

companies that are each market leaders across different sales channels and geographies:
GreenCoast, the nation’s second-largest hydroponics retailer; Hydrobuilder.com, a leading
online retailer of hydroponics and horticultural supplies; Elevated Equipment and Supply, a full-
service equipment and supplies provider; and Way to Grow, a Colorado-based retailer of
aeroponic, hydroponic and greenhouse products. For more information, please visit

About Way to Grow

Way to Grow was founded in 2003 with a simple plan of providing organic and hydroponic
gardeners with a thoughtfully curated selection of products and an extraordinary level of
customer service. In addition to five Colorado locations (Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins,
Central Denver, North Denver) it has a division specialized in servicing commercial growers. For
more information, please visit https://waytogrow.net