Hydrobuilder Holdings is a leading
omni-channel retailer of specialty
agriculture and hydroponics
equipment and supplies.

Omnichannel Approach

Hydrobuilder Holdings was initially formed through the acquisitions of Hydrobuilder.com, GreenCoast Hydroponics, and Elevated Equipment Supply. More recently, we have acquired Way to Grow, Home Grown Ventures (HGV) Nutrients, and New England Hydroponics. Together, the six businesses create a leading omnichannel retailer of specialty agriculture and hydroponics equipment and supplies.

299 Employees

A leading team of passionate horticulturists dedicated to helping you achieve the most weight while streamlining your business flow with automated technology.

14 Locations

We operate 14 retail hydroponic/gardening storefronts in California, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Maine. We also manage nine warehouses throughout the greater Los Angeles area, Colorado, and Michigan with one location in Chico, CA and another in Marlborough, MA to service our retail storefronts, commercial warehouse direct, and eCommerce platforms.


Our acquired businesses have been operating for approximately 85 combined years and are integrated through an omnichannel model, which includes a large retail and distribution network and a scalable eCommerce platform, providing us with a unique competitive advantage.

GreenCoast is one of the largest specialty agriculture products retailers in the USA. GreenCoast has 10 locations and is an industry leader in sales and large-scale grow design.

Hydrobuilder.com has grown to become a leading online retailer of horticultural supplies online. The technology behind the business increases automation and saves time which leads to cost savings for the customer.

Elevated became one of the industry‚Äôs first all-in-one cultivation and extraction service providers built around a consultative approach focused on not only selling equipment, but also solutions. 

Way to Grow is a Colorado-based retailer or hydroponic and greenhouse products with 15+ years of industry experience. Way to Grow has three retail locations and three warehouses in the strategically important Colorado market.

Home Grown Ventures (HGV) is a Washington state-based manufacturer and distributor of a proprietary blend of water-soluble nutrients used for commercial agriculture.

New England Hydroponics specializes in both indoor and organic gardening. Their experts work with growers of all sizes to help their gardens thrive.

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